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Modern Precision Dental's

NSK Connection; Titanium

Modern Precision Dental, Brought to you by MCS Dental!

NSK Connection; Titanium

  • Non-Optic

  • Push Button

  • Friction Grip Burs

  • 4 Hole Water Spray

  • Titanium Shell

  • Compatible with NSK Couplers

  • Standard Head Size

    • 1 Year Warranty​

*NSK Connection Not Available in Chrome at the moment.*

Order #: HSTH-AIR-18NN Ti


Limited Stock Available

*All Purchases Subject to Shipping Costs*


Max Speed: 350,000  Power: 19W   Drive Air Pressure: 220+/-10%KPa  Spray Air Pressure: 220+/-10%KPa Spray Water Pressure: 200+/-10%KPa  Bur Shaft Diameter: 1.59-1.6MM  Bur Overall Max Length: 25MM  Bur Shaft Chucking Length: min 11MM   Bur Blade Diameter: Max 2MM   Sterilize for: 3 Times, 3 Minutes @ 134 degrees


Prices Effective: January 1st, 2021
Prices Expire: December 31st,  2021

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MCS Dental Products Inc uses Same Terms & Conditions as MCS Handpiece Ltd.

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